DIY industrial shelves

So this weekend we tackled the rest of the bathroom makeover. I painted the walls white with Behr pure white paint and primer from Home Depot. We already had the paint so I saved like 20 dollars by using what we already had. The industrial shelves are a cool feature and gives the bathroom depth and purpose,  and of course a chic farmhouse look. 

The project list looks something like this 

  • 6 3/4″ Floor Flanges
  • 6 3/4″ Caps
  • 6 3/4″ Nipples
  • 1 1/4″x 8 – 3.18cm drywall screws
  • 1 Board 2″ x 6″ x 10′ and we cut the boards in length according to where the studs were in our bathroom. 
  • 1 stud finder
  • Rustoleum Universal Hammered Paint and Primer
  • Screw Gun 
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • We started by taking all the piping pieces and spray painting them with the hammered paint and primer. We did this in the yard with a cardboard box to protect the pieces from grass. 
  • Let those dry and use the stud finder to find the studs on the wall. Measure the distance between them and that’s the length of your board. You can add an inch or two for over hang if you so desire
  • Next we cut the boards with a miter saw (you can use a circular saw or get the pieces cut at Home Depot if you don’t have a saw. 2 cuts are free and 50 cents per cut after). You don’t have to buy a 10 foot board we just did in case we made mistakes and to have extra lumber. 
  • After you cut then you can stain the boards however you like. Dark, light it doesn’t matter it’s a preference. We went with a darker stain to add some color to the white bathroom. 
  • Next you are ready to put the shelves up. Figure out how high you want your first shelf and use the stud finder to find the stud. Once you find the stud place the first flange on the wall and line the top hole up with the stud. Drill 4 drywall screws in the flange and then take the second flange and a level and make sure both are lined up (the level will tell you if it’s lined up). 
  • The screw the cap on the nipple and then screw the nipple into the flange. 
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Next you want to figure out how much space you want in between your first shelf and second shelf. Use the tape measure for this and then line up the second row flange with the first row to ensure it’s even. Repeat the other steps and do the same for the third shelf. 
  • After the pipes are on the wall take your dried boards and place on the piping. 
  • Then decorate and enjoy 🙂

Now you have great useable shelves that you can use for storage or decoration. I opted for decoration since I have a lien closet on the other wall but if your lacking storage space in your bathroom this is a perfect way to store towels and whatever else. 


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